Friday, January 27, 2012

For them, for her

Last weekend I took Claire out again (Claire is my sewing machine). I've mention before that I have, erhm, problems when it comes to sewing. I am a total novice, and add to that the fact that I don't even have instructions to my sewing machine, and well - that would make anyone have less patience than normal, right?

But I am determined to learn, and with any handcraft you learn by doing. So I'm starting simple and hoping to take on more challenging projects in time. I have no one to teach me, so I do what any modern woman with access to technology would do. I use YouTube! YouTube is teaching me to sew, and this weekend I learned how to sew curtains with this tutorial. The curtain is for the kids' room, and I am so in love with this fabric. Isn't it just great for a childrens' room? Even though this was such a simple project I managed to botch the job. But this curtain will have to do for now, I don't think I can muster up more patience (or fight the kids off to leave me alone) to make another.

As for sewing inspiration, I have plenty. My daughters recent first birthday led to a purchase on Etsy. I wanted to get Esther something special, something she will use. I found this store on Etsy that makes the most adorable smocks, and ordered one for her. It fits perfectly, and since I also ordered the pattern I am hoping that I will be able to make more for her. The pattern is supposed to be simple, so hopefully I'll be able to pull it off. The prospect of being able to make one of a kind clothes for my kids has definitely given me the sewing bug. But for now simple is the word, I'm sticking to curtains!

I still can't really wrap my brain around my girl being a year old now, and after she hit that one year mark things started to go way fast. She is climbing everything, talking (or trying to, sounding like Flanders in the Simpsons - "doodelidoodelididdeli") and is showing just that much more of her personality. She is pretty content most of the time, this one, with a good dose of temper when needed and boxes off her bullying brother like a little kangaroo. She likes swinging and dancing and listening to music, and every time she sees an animal - she barks. All animals bark. She's scared of guitars, likes to eat paper and her shenanigans are either preceded by giggles or followed by her calling for me, just to let me know that she's climbed onto a bed or is getting into a trash can. I just love this girl to bits, can you tell? Oh, and she doesn't sleep, did I mention that? The little lady is up again, its 9 pm and she's up again....

While I'm mentioning purchases on Etsy, I just have to show you this sweet thing.

I came across tinywarblers Etsy shop back in 2009, and bookmarked it thinking that if I ever had a little girl I would get her one of her bunnies. I found that bookmark again just before Christmas, and this bunny made it to us just in time. These days I'm trying to stay away from Etsy, there is just too much loveliness to be found there. Thankfully browsing doesn't mean buying, and I have a birthday coming up!


  1. the curtain looks great, i love that pattern. esther looks really cute in the smock (happy birthday!), you'll make one too, i'm sure with no problem. sewing is like anything else, with practice comes confindence.

    is that your kitty or a stuffed animal with esther? i can't tell. but both of them look so cute. and yes, that bunny is adorable.

    happy almost birthday to you!

    1. The kitty is a stuffed animal that my son chose on a trip to Cyprus. Wish it was real though, I'd love to have a cat (allergies). Thanks for the happy almost birthday, we're almost there (and my list of what I'm dying to get from etsy has been sent to my husband, haha)

  2. Oh I have a pending affair (read battle!) to win with my sewing machine.... It sits there looking at me and each day I tell myself I will learn to use it but...... I find myself being to lazy and to find too many knitting patterns I want to do. And etsy is addictive, in norway we have which is the norwegian version of it. Do you have a swedish version? Hope you had a great weekend and good luck with that chicken pocks!!

    1. Sewing is a challenge for me, it really is. Glad to hear I'm not the only one :) I also prefer knitting or crocheting, which has the exact opposite effect on my mood (and doesn't scare my family away from me). There is a site in Sweden called It's a relatively new site and mostly has people selling jewelry.
      Chicken pox over for now, crossing my fingers that Esther won't get it. Good luck with your course!