Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What a great idea

I do believe I am a blog-o-holic. There are so many people out there with so many inspiring things to say and ideas to share! Thankfully I have the two crazies and other things in my life to keep me busy or my eyes would be square-shaped from staring at the computer screen all day long.

Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather, and not all too keen on spending time outdoors. We needed indoor activities and I was quite tired of our usual play. Thanks to all the reading I do online I came up with the idea of recycling our used crayons. It was quite fun for Sebastián to break the crayons that were worn and ugly, and to sort them by color. I enjoyed it too, so fun to do something different for a change! Here's the post that put the idea into my head. 

Unfortunately we didn't have any fun silicone forms, just your regular muffin forms. But we were happy with the results nonetheless!


  1. I have seen this in several blogs but never tried it! It must be fun to later paint with these "new" crayons since they have a mix of tones in them. Must give it a try soon.

  2. I too have seen this in a few places lately - it looks so wonderful that I left the Grannies in my family with instructions to buy any silicone moulds that they see in the New Year sales! I can't wait to try it. Lovely to find your blog via Yarn Along ;0)