Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm not really one for new years resolutions. I just make promises that I usually don't keep, and I don't like setting myself up for failure.  But I do have hopes for this new year. I hope that I will get some inspiration back when it comes to biology, I really need to get back in the game and although I am all about living in right now I need to look ahead when it comes to the inevitable - being back on the job market. I also hope that I will make it into this space more often. I haven't been doing this long but I have missed the photographing, paying attention to my inner voice and the sharing involved in blogging, even though I do believe my mom is my most avid reader. I also want to make more time for knitting and crocheting, I NEED my creative projects. Who knew that messing around with sticks and string could be so therapeutic, and the results so gratifying? 

All of these things that I am hoping for in this new year all come back to one thing. Inspiration. And time I suppose, but that one I have a hard time controlling. But inspiration, yes, that one I can do something about. So INSPIRATION is my word of the year, what I am striving towards and hopefully I will look back on 2012 and be inspired by all that I have managed to do!

This photo is totally unrelated to this post, I haven't been taking many pictures these months I've been away!

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