Friday, March 23, 2012

White, yellow, purple and lots of sunshine

Just look at what I came home to, aren't they gorgeous?! Coming home to flowering crocus in my little bit of green, sunshine, 15 degrees celsius and no snow whatsoever put a big smile on my face. Couldn't have asked for a better welcome in Sweden,  after the absolutely crazy weather we had in Iceland. There was snow, rain and very windy weather. In Sweden there's a saying that translates "there is no bad weather, only bad clothing". As in if you dress right you can be outside in basically any weather. Well, whoever came up with that should experience what Iceland can dish out....

I came home to flowers with flowers. My aunt took me and my brothers to her studio and told us to pick a piece to take home with us. "I don't knit so you get this instead" is what she said. Well, I'll take this anytime! I just need to find the perfect spot for this painting, called "A sea of flowers".  Definitely adds to this spring high I am on right now.

Twist & twine. Take a look at those colors, now that's something. *sigh* Yarn dreams...


  1. you went to iceland? i would suffer the cold to go there. and yes, that saying is so true. look at all your spring flowers! so pretty! it must be really special after the earth being covered with snow for months.

    your aunts painting is so beautiful, what a thoughtful gift. and twist and twine was a recent discovery for me, LOVE her wool!

    have a wonderful weekend sylvia! xx lori

  2. your aunt's painting is beautiful!!
    now you have spring time right in your house :)