Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I love Alys

I can't find the fox. The fox that has been with her everywhere for the past few weeks. She takes him to bed with her and he's calmed her down when she's been upset. We had it with us when we went shopping today and I have a vague memory of her running around with it when we got home, but maybe that's just yesterdays image I haven't let go of yet? I have looked everywhere. Thankfully Esther can survive without it, especially since her brother lent her his little bear. I just feel so guilty for loosing it, she loves that dirty little fox! Just get her another one, or some other stuffed animal, my husband says. But no, I'll be on the phone tomorrow, calling all the stores we visited. Hope I can find it!

Not how I was planning on starting this post, but I just can't stop thinking about that fox. And kicking myself for not writing down the name of the manufacturer. Ok...moving on.

Things are definitely happening outside. A quick glance at my little bit of green - or brown as it is now - a couple of weeks ago, revealed that my Bleading Heart has started to grow. I thought it was a bit early in the growing season, but not long after I spotted the beginnings of Tulips and Snowdrops in neighboring gardens. Spring is making its' appearance. Standing in sunlight now actually makes you warm, so we've been spending lots of time outdoors and rediscovering new ways of playing. A few large rocks and some trees are the perfect setting for a little home where I was served moss-balls and bolts for lunch by my boy. Delicious.

While we were playing the postman came by, carrying a little package I've been waiting for. I was so in love with everything Alys Fowler after I saw her tv-show that I just couldn't resist ordering one of her books ("The thrifty gardener"). I ran inside, made myself a cup of coffee and ran back outdoors to enjoy a first glimpse of the content in the sunlight. La dolce vita....

I was not disappointed, not at all. As of yet I have only skimmed through the content, and from what I can see there are lots of tips in this book on everything from how to plan you garden to how to make your own compost. It seems to be directed to beginner gardeners, which is perfect for me. I received a copy of a seed catalogue at the same time as this book, so now I just need to start planning. Alys Fowler makes it seem so simple to just grow whatever you want, wherever you want. I've a mind to try my hand at potatoes this year, on my balcony. That's right, taters on my balcony! Why not? It will be an interesting experiment if nothing else!

I went ahead and planted those peas I mentioned in an earlier post, and wow have they grown fast! It only took a couple of days for them to germinate and now, a week and a half later, they are more than 10 cm high and their tendrils are wrapping around each other. The photo below was taken after just one week. I've had a first taste of my pea shoots. It'll be a couple weeks more before I can use them in a salad, can't wait.

While I'm sharing pictures of plants, I promised Lori over at Lori times five a picture of my Sweetheart vine. It's grown absolutely wild, this plant has, but I don't have the heart to cut it or try to tame it somehow - I like it messy.


  1. did you find the fox? we once drove two hours back to a hotel where our youngest had left her stuffed bear. these things become so important.

    your new book sounds like one i could use too, not such a beginner, but haven't gardened much over the last few years. the sweetheart plant is lovely, i would leave it just as it is too. thank you for the photo. :)

  2. Unfortunately we didn't find the fox. I called all the stores we visited but no one had handed it in. I think its a "finders keepers" situation, some other kid is happily snuggling that fox now. Thankfully Esther has a bird she loves, and yesterday she chose a meerkat at the toy store that she hasn't let go of since she got it in her hands. *phew* So right now she's asleep outside in her stroller, meerkat in one hand, bird in the other.

    Love that you drove back two hours for a stuffed bear, I so get that ;)