Sunday, March 4, 2012


This weekend I have been

:: listening to birds chirping both outdoors and in my home. I bought a bird book and cd with bird song for the kids, its been playing non-stop in their room (the biologist in me did a little happy dance that my boy liked it so much)

:: missing my brothers and sisters. I called every one today, only didn't get a hold of my older sister. Feeling the need to get us all together for dinner and a movie, something like that.

::marveling at my little girl who has completely abandoned her speed crawling and is walking all over the place now, both indoors and out. My back says "thank you" - or will say thank you once she is over this clingy I-need-to-be-with-you-all-the-time-or-I'll-cry-my-eyes-out-stage. My brother called her a Klingon, haha. Yes, she is.

:: getting my hands dirty. Dried peas were planted on Friday, and this morning I saw that they are germinating. I repotted a half-dead Geranium and planted some corms from my wild-looking Sweetheart Vine. This plant has such adorable names, in swedish its "hjärtan på tråd", which means hearts on a string. I always have one or more of these beautiful plants around my home, love them.

:: running. The weather was finally warm enough for a run (I can't handle the cold), and the streets were pretty much free of ice. I thought I'd puke when I got home, I don't think I've gotten any real exercise since October last year! It was just too hard to get out, I'd always come home to a crying Esther who wanted to nurse. Boy oh boy was that adrenaline kick needed, I've really missed that!

And now the kids are asleep and I'm going to enjoy a glass of red wine and do some knitting. Hope you've had a good weekend too.



  1. so much to love here, birds and redwine, knitting and running (well, i used to) and a sweetheart vine? i want to see that! your baby is getting so big!

    1. I do have a photo of that sweetheart vine, I'll post it for you once my camera battery is charged!

      Can't say I'm much of a runner, but like I wrote, I love the adrenaline kick and its a good way to exercise when you have small kids - no set times for the workout, I can go out anytime. Used to do a lot of spinning and pilates before I had kids, maybe I'll get back to that someday... Hope your not running is by choice and not some injury or health issue that forced you to quit. Take care