Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My little green corner

Around here we good-naturedly joke about our little shoebox of a home. We're on the prowl for a new home - a house - but in these uncertain times we are being careful and also waiting for the perfect home. Which we probably won't find, but we don't want to make too many compromises on our dream home. Until then we will just have to make-do with what we have. As far as gardens go we have a tiny little bit of lawn beside the entrance to our place, which I've meant to do something with for some time.
 So far its just been a place for Sebastián to keep his bobby car, bikes and whatever else he's playing with outside. But not for long!
I ordered seeds from Impecta fröhandel, a great source for just about every plant you can imagine. After much browsing of their catalogue, I ordered what I usually end up ordering - Nasturtium, Snapdragons, Pumpkins, Hollyhock and Babys breath (Indiankrasse, Lejongap, Pumpor, Stockrosor och Brudslöja). I also ordered Morning glory (Blomman för dagen) but won't be sowing it this year since I realized its poisonous. I love, love, love these type of "granny" flowers. Old-fashioned species that you would expect to find in an old ladies garden. Sowing seeds is a bit more work than just buying the plants at the store, but it is way cheaper and I really enjoy the whole process. Its something kids can help out with as well and so far Sebastián has also enjoyed following what is going on with our little seedlings.
 I decided to create a triangular flower bed with a white Bleeding heart bush (Löjtnantshjärta) in the far corner. My base color will be white, so that it stands out well in contrast with the red walls. The Snapdragons will hopefully give the flower bed a dash of color, and I'm hoping the delicate Babys breath in the mix will give it some more character. I've planted white Violets (penséer) along the border so that we can have something in there until the seedlings are ready to be planted outside, which won't be much longer the way things are progressing.
Can't wait to show you the end result, its gonna be pretty!

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