Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dusks embrace

Light from the setting sun was sneaking in through cracks in the blinds and somewhere outside a blackbird was marking the onset of dusk with his song. I sat in bed with Esther in my arms, who was suckling away while half asleep. Sebastián was lying in his room, quietly settling into his bed and starting to breathe heavily. At that moment, I felt that the peace and calm that had settled over our household as my babies fell asleep was something I could claim, that I could take pride in. I'm creating my childrens memories with every day that passes, and I like to think that underneath the mess of everyday life they feel my good intent, my deep love and the peace I wish for them. It was in the air that evening; so palpable and comforting. Comforting to a tired mama who often wonders if she is doing this whole mothering thing right.  At that moment, I felt that yes, I am doing this just right. Just right....

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