Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This and that

Oh but its been a while! Chicken pox got the best of us, Esther had it pretty bad and I've been using my free time to work on my thesis. I've also had my nose stuck in a book - or should I say four of them - these past few weeks. I caught the Twilight fever. These books are much better than the movies, very entertaining. Thet're obviously written for a younger audience, but the story sucked me in. It was like a soap opera, I just had to know what would happen. I did most of my reading in the evenings, by the light of my iphone, with my sick little Esther lying beside me. She wouldn't sleep if I wasn't there, and  since I had these books to whisk me away I really didn't mind having to go to bed at the same time as her. I guess I should have been reading scientific articles instead, *ahem*, but this was way more fun. I'd like to say that I'm "back in business" and will be posting regularly, but my thesis is still far from finished and will need a lot of attention in the coming months. I will be posting every now and then though.

Here's the view I've had from my kitchen window these past few weeks (at least up until a few days ago). The sun is coming up earlier and earlier, the light is just beautiful. We've gotten a lot of snow and cold weather lately. I've done my best to try and enjoy it as I mentioned in my earlier post, but nah, I'm still longing for spring. I love the slower pace of winter, but life with small kids is just so much easier when its warmer outside. Esther started walking amidst the chicken pox and teething hell we've been in, and I am so looking forward to a lot of outdoors time with her, watching her discover the world.

Our sledding outing was a bit of a disaster to be honest. We went out on the day that Esther got sick, which we hadn't realized yet, and she wasn't digging the whole outdoors thing that day. But she did enjoy a little ride in the sled before she started protesting. My boy did a lot of protesting as well, loudly. Wasn't too pleased with his parents, who wouldn't let him ride down the steepest slope by himself. He did get to go down a tamer slope alone and of course fell, leading to even louder protests. I think the one that enjoyed the outing most was me. I'd forgotten how much fun it is whooooosh down those slopes!

Speaking of fun, I had the best time last Sunday. A few friends and I took the day off from our families and visited a crafts festival in Stockholm (Syfestivalen). It was absolute eye candy - there was yarn everywhere, and every handcraft you could think of was represented. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, jewelry making, needle felting and probably more things I can't think of now. It was so inspiring and so. much. FUN.  We spent hours walking around, talking and checking out the booths. And buying of course.

 I bought fabric for the smocks I'm planning to sew for Esther, some yarn for a neck warmer I've cast on for (more on that later) and a book by Cath Kidston with simple sewing projects. The book includes fabric for the bag that's shown on the front cover, how great is that?! I am totally in love with this book, there are so many projects in there that I want to do. So much to do, so little time, right?!


  1. oh dear that is alot going on. i hope your little one is feeling better now. it was good you had those books to help you through.
    the view from your home is gorgeous, and the snow always sounds magical to me. however, my children are grown and we've never lived in snow. i can imagine it's not always easy.
    your day out in stockholm sounds awesome! i'm so looking forward to visiting there someday. love all your new treasures. and i hope i can find that book, i think i need it too. i do wish i had a little one to sew for.
    xx lori

  2. i found it! is sy swedish for sew?

  3. Hey Lori, always love getting your comments. Yes, sy is sew in swedish - have you gotten the book yet? Haven't gotten around to sewing anything yet, but soon soon....
    The view has changed a lot in the past few days, no snowy tree tops and lots of ice everywhere. Spring is just around the corner! I like to keep my eyes on those trees when I look out, the view below isn't nearly as lovely.

    1. i just ordered it. now maybe i'll get motivated to actually sew something!