Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goodbye summer

Back in this space, hoping that I'll find the time to post once in a while. I made a half-hearted attempt with the 30-day photography challenge, but it proved too challenging what with the sleep deprivation and everything else I've got going. And summer has been busy, a good kind of busy. We tried to fill our days with laid-back outings, took trips abroad (We parents each took a kid and went to different countries, won't be doing that again. All went well, but we prefer the craziness of sticking together as a family) and spent a lot of time outdoors picking berries, taking walks in the woods, going fishing and swimming and doing a whole lot of biking and walking. It was good, and now I feel ready for fall. I'm ready for jeans, boots and thick sweaters, for chilly, clean air, rainy evenings, lighting candles and a whole lot of knitting - preferably done with a warm blanket on my lap and a cup of tea beside me. Fall is just such a cozy time of year, just love it. Goodbye summer, hello fall!

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