Monday, May 2, 2011

A blanket for her

Sibling jealousy has finally reared its ugly head, at first in a very materialistic way. The blankets. All his. Which they of course are, to be honest. I haven't knit or crocheted a single blanket for Esther so I've been using Sebastiáns baby blankets for her.

I have such a love affair with blankets, they are the reason I started knitting in the first place. To me, nothing shows as much love and affection as a handmade blanket. Just imagine all the time spent on a single blanket, all the hours put into creating something to keep someone you love warm and snug. Knitting a blanket for my baby when I was pregnant was a way for me to physically manifest all the love and maternal feelings I had for my unborn child. Most of what  I knit today is for my children, each piece knitted with just as much love as the very first blanket I made.

With little knitting experience I had to start with something simple. Sebastiáns first blanket was the easiest thing to knit. Just garter stitch with a backwards crochet border. 
The second was also in garter stitch and was a very easy knit. The blanket was knit with double strands, each row done indiviually and then sewn together. Details on both blankets can be found on my  ravelry page. I used alpaca wool for both blankets, a material I love working with. Very soft and very warm.

Since I have made a promise to only use yarn from my stash for any future projects, I am now using the left-over yarn from the above blanket for Esthers first baby blanket. I decided to go with something airy and light since it is almost summer. A crocheted Catherine´s wheel blanket will be just perfect. A bit tricky, but the pattern and the use of many colors will suit my little Esther perfectly. Definitely a blanket for her and one I hope to finish sooner rather than later!

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