Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A quiet Monday post

Easter was a complete disaster. The kids colds just got worse and Sebastian and I got a stomach bug. We spent most of our vacation at home praying to the porcelain god, blowing our noses and climbing the walls here at home with the frustration of being locked in, sick and miserable. I think the only good thing about easter was my new ornament, "Skatan Frida", an easter witch made from wood, felt, Icelandic sheeps wool and feathers (The artists name is Åsa Götander,  love her stuff!) I'd just as soon erase the past two weeks from my memory. 

I did manage to finish the teachers shawl before Easter, and I was very happy with the end result. Ta-daaah!

This was such a fun knit. I have never done lace - let alone a shawl - before, and it was exciting to see the pattern emerge row for row. I have to admit that I was a bit worried at first, I kept screwing up the first lace bit and was not looking forward to the frustration of having to backtrack my work with 200-something stitches on my needles. But I got into the rhythm of it and all went smoothly, despite this being a very hurried project. Ravelry notes found here.

I've spent this blissfully quiet morning updating my ravelry account. I've been bad at keeping track of the projects I've been working on this past year, and it was high time I remedied that. I thought I'd share one that I am especially happy with, Esthers blanket: 

I actually started this crocheted blanket on a trip to Iceland when she was 6 months old, using blue yarn only.  Blue is just the best color for my girl, what with her golden brown hair and fair skin, but after crocheting up a bunch of squares I found it to be too dreary. The blues were just too dark for a baby blanket. For some reason this project got put on the shelf and when I picked it up more than a year later (*ahem*) I decided to add some pink and plum colors to the mix. My crocheting had been so very tight (stressed and tired? yes!) that I had to start all over again - the squares I had made in Iceland were much too small compared to the new ones I was making. 

Esther finally got her blanket on her second birthday. It fits perfectly on the end of her bed, and is just big enough for her to snuggle in when she takes a nap. Ravelry notes here.

After seeing Esthers blanket, Sebastian of course requested one of his own.  There are so many beautiful blankets on ravelry that it was hard to decide which pattern I'd make for him - I have about a gazillion blankets in my favorites.  After much perusing I fell for Alicia Paulsons Sunshine day baby afghan. The base colors will be brown/beige and I'm leaning towards the squares being mainly in blue hues with a splash of yellow, grey and green. 

I can't wait to get started with this blanket, but first things first - I have a cardigan to finish!

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