Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh the cleverness of me!

Can't say I've done anything clever these past few days, just had a total overload of Peter Pan and that line is permanently stuck in my head.

The littles have come down with the most horrid cold. High fevers, constant night coughing. All of this nasty coughing and fever business leaves little time for knitting, but I pick up the needles every chance I get.

The weekend was spent in pyjamas, cooking up lovely things that I like since the kids only had an appetite for bread and pancakes. So to calm my own hunger I made:

Baba Ganouj. Eggplants are such an unappreciated vegetable, don't you think? Looks unappetizing, but it's so, so good.

Basil pesto, with lots of olive oil.

Plum marmelade, at the request of my boy. A guilty pleasure, since plums are terribly out of season, but how can I resist when I'm asked to make mamma-marmalade?

The non-cooking cooking continues, wonder what I can be bothered to make next?  Day 5 of sick kids and I am absolutely DESPERATE  for spring to make an arrival and put an end to all of these illnesses!!!

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