Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I've been doing

I really don't know what happened. I planned to take a little break from all things computer while we were vacationing. Just a week. That week went plural on me, and I have to say that it was liberating. Of course I've missed this space and checking all the blogs I follow, but I hadn't realized that everything to do with the computer was also a bit stressful. My kids really own my ass, so it was just another thing on the list of things I want to do and don't have time for. That isn't a good thing, not at all. So I guess I needed the break, I really did.

The break wasn't an idle one, we've been very busy vacationing, enjoying everything summer has to offer, enjoying one another and just trying to get away with as much lazy living as possible. A peak into our summer:

                               :: Enjoying what little garden we have

                                :: Celebrating midsummer

                                :: I've missed the ocean, it was good to smell that salty air

                                :: The house we stayed in on our vacation. Love those flowers

                               ::Balcony +  potatoes = Balconatoes. Yeah, I did it!

I even have some crafty projects to share. My husband asked me to make him something to cover his iPad with. I got right on it and am very pleased with the result. In retrospect I would have added a few more rows - or better yet, checked my gauge before I started. I knit and crochet so tight, but never, ever check my gauge. Very bad, I know, and it's going to get me into trouble some day!

I love cable patterns. They look so complicated but are so easy. A knitting fake-out. You can find the pattern here.

As for reading, I finished Barbara Kingsolvers "The poisonwood bible". I have been curious about that book for years but never wanted to read it because it was on Oprah's book club. Ridiculous, right? But the book was really, really good. I love that it was written from the point of few of the five main characters, who were all so very different. Not only was the story entertaining and interesting, but I got to thinking about what hard work must have been behind this book. So much research about the history and politics of Congo, and the Congolese way of living. I definitely recommend it.

Joining knitters and crocheters worldwide for Yarn Along.


  1. Sometimes you just need to unplug. Especially during the summer. I love your Ipad case!

  2. Waiting for your winter update :) I have been a bad blogger too, hopefully soon we will find the energy to get back going!

  3. Hi Victoria! I WILL be coming back, promise. It's just been more of the same lately - lacking time to sit down in front of the computer, let alone take pics and find some inspiration. Thanks for the nudge though, hopefully I'll get to it soon!