Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A ta-dah! gone awry

Joining fellow knitters and crocheters for Yarn Along.

I had been hoping to give you a ta-dah!-post instead of a little glimpse as to what I have on my hook at the moment. I'll be done soon though and then this little gift can be given to a very special little girl who is being very patient with her aunt.

As for reading, well, I haven't really been reading much. I have tried quickly grabbing something at the library that I think I will like, but no, no luck. I have, however, been doing some writing. I'm re-writing my recipe collection into a new book. The old one fell apart and the fat stains and smudges on its pages stopped being charming quite some time ago. I'm sure there is some smart online site where I could store my recipes, but I like to do things old-school. I'm also trying to take time to write into my kids journals. I have one for Sebastián and one for Esther, and I like to jot down funny things they've said or done - anything memorable really - so that this noodlehead mother of theirs will remember all those quirky, funny and most adorable things that these kids come up with. I don't know about you but my memory is horrible, its so easy to forget those small things and just remember the big stuff. I don't want to forget that Esther likes to pull up her shirt, points at her belly button and says "eye", or that she has said her first words in english - SIT DOWN! Read that with an Arnold Schwarzennegar voice, we say it as a joke to her brother and it stuck. Or the funny (to us) fashion choices Sebastián makes. He says he's the most good looking boy at daycare, sporting a worn out vest, long johns and a baseball cap. And if I actually do get him to wear a pair of pants, he'll tuck the legs into his socks - always. I love that kid to bits, I really do. Both of them!


  1. I like what you have on your hook- looks pretty with the colors.
    Good for you with the kids journals, that is really something to treasure...I tried but failed misarbaly after #4 couldn't keep up with my herd.

  2. Maybe next week you will have a ta da! Love the color of the yarn and journals are such a nice activity for kids :)

  3. Oooh, you're sneak peek is really intriguing! Can't wait to see it.

    I have notebooks like that for my first two kids, but right about the time I hit the third kid, I stopped writing in them. It was so much fun to do and really did help us remember their silly things they do. Maybe I should start them up again and claim these last 3 years as "lost years."

  4. ta looks beautiful already.
    I really need to learn how to crochet - I love the colors you have going
    happy weekend - lovely header picture

  5. I should pick up some crochet too, its been too long. I am also writing down my recipes, now that I am in serious meal planning mode. This meal chaos cannot continue so I am really pushing to organize our food. And I really do not like to write online my recipes, I tried using an app on my iphone but never used it, I prefer pen and paper! I usually write in my journal stuff about the kids, I found out that having a journal for each was too much work for me. But I think its a great idea to keep it separate so they have their own book to laugh at when they grow up :)
    Oh and you made me laugh with your "underwear pizza" :) And good luck weaning your little one... its not easy. I got pregnant again and then lost my milk so that is how it worked for us :) However I really understand the feeling of wanting to get your body back, I had the same feeling! Victoria :)