Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Procrastinating (I'm good at that)

Winter made a come-back this weekend. All the jackets, mittens and hats I had stowed away had to be taken out again. Typical March weather around these parts, but the cold and little bit of white we had on the ground kind of knocked us out of our spring high. I think my boy took it worst of all, absolutely refusing to put on winter clothes again. Style is everything with this one and he has summer in his blood all right. It's all about long johns (and ONLY long johns), baseball caps, sneakers and a certain hoodie that is way too small on him - everything else is "ugly", not "his style" and he won't go outside if he doesn't "look good". *sheesh* He got away with it up until a certain temperature, after that I had to exert my maternal skills and get him properly dressed. 

Promising some time in the Uppsala city park playground and feeding ducks got him in his winter jacket in no time, and it was so nice to get out of the house despite the hail and snow and rain we got that day.  I thought Esther would climb into the pond with the ducks she was so excited, but Sebastián was scared beyond belief; fed the birds after  bit of reassurance and coaxing. Makes me wonder what the heck I am thinking letting him try out horseback riding tomorrow, but hey, if he shows interest then I think that should be encouraged. Maybe he won't run screaming at the sight of a horse? (fingers crossed, I'll be alone with the kids tomorrow doing this thing, please please please let it go well). Worst case scenario, he doesn't even get on the horse. 

Not much in the way of anything creative to share here, just the pics. My thesis is a thorn in my side to say the least, I try to use whatever time I can to finish that piece of work. Progress being made, slowly but surely. Speaking of which, best get productive while the little one is napping! 


  1. But look at that spring weather,in spite of your need for long johns :) We are buried under a meter of snow still here, and it has snowed for two days now even more! I can't wait to get rid of it!

    Anyway, good luck with horse riding. And don't torture yourself with your thesis, I know it is hard and I know that feeling of it always being there in the back of your head. I have accepted that this feeling will *always* be there, its part of the path we chose as researchers/university career, and I am trying to let go of it whenever I can. Take your time, enjoy your babes and work whenever you feel like it. God påske :)

    1. f we still had snow, or as much as you do (it snowed again today), I think I'd go insane! The weather here is ok, its just this back and forth between spring and winter which is mildly annoying!

      As for the thesis, yeah, it is hard. I'm home full-time with the kids and work evenings or whenever I get a chance. I'm just not cut out for this whole phd thing, I think I made a good choice of deciding on taking my career into another direction. But I do at least want to defend my licentiate and then move on. It will feel so good to finally move on. Happy easter Victoria and good luck with all things baby-related. Its soon now, isn't it?!

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