Friday, April 6, 2012

One of those days

It's been one of those days spent cleaning and putting away and getting things in order only to have the floors dirty again in the matter of a few hours, the newly washed chair covers splattered in pesto, the kitchen floor littered with acorns and the washed laundry lying all over the bedroom.

One of those days spent mostly in the kitchen with the best of company, talking and talking and talking and laughing and eating way too much good food (excuse me while I undo a button).

One of those days that the kids are showing their best and their worst, excited by the company, and you sometimes feel like they are being raised by baboons.

One of those days that ends in a weary, content sigh. What would we do without these days and the baboon-babies that make everything nuts and wonderful all at the same time? And that big brother company that I am going to miss so so much...

Happy easter, hope your holiday will be filled with many of these good, crazy days.


  1. Mun sakna ykkar líka vinan :( Við verðum bara að vera dugleg að halda sambandinu gangandi...

  2. i do love baby baboons ;)
    luckily everyday is different! always new wonders and challenges. sorry about missing your company :(